New Year's Eve Party 2021

Surrender to your senses, step away from your worldly worries, and let Aqueerious Rising bring you to a more grounded, connected and earthly place.

Jingi Walla…let’s remember our grass roots, and how we came to be gathering on sacred Widjabul-Wia-bal country.

We honour the trailblazing LGBTIQ+ folk who came as part of the Nimbin Aquarius Festival in the early 70’s with the passion they would then channel into creating Mardi Gras and Tropical Fruits.

We are currently in a new Age of Aquarius, so let’s all embrace our inner flower child in the garden of love. This year we are going right back to basics!

Unfortunately, we cannot hold our usual smorgasbord of festival offerings, but will deliver in its place a New Year’s Eve Party, where we simply dance until dawn like the old days.

One night – 1000 tickets – licensed bar – Chill Space – 2 dance spaces:

  • Arena – where we combine our traditional uplifting Arena sound moving into the hearty throb of a Trade sound
  • The Birdcage - showcasing some of our fabulous local DJ’s.

Come and reconnect with an incredible line up of DJs to tickle your ears and make your toes twitch.  Purify yourself through the ritual of dance, amongst a group of family and friends.

There will be a feature performance from the one and only Foxy Brown-Eye.  Then at midnight, we can unite as a Fruity family, to be awe-struck by the spectacular fireworks signifying moving into the New Year with hope and happiness.

Aqueerious Rising will lift all our spirits until we become one.

Together, connected, celebrating our diverse communities.


TICKETS ON SALE December 1st, 2021

If you fancy joining our legendary VOLUNTEER CREW, register ONLINE via our website from December 1st, 2021


DJ Line up 2021 NYE