Haus of Fruits Catwalk

 Haus of Fruits

In the tradition of Paris Is Burning The Movie, Pose The TV Show and of Course Rupauls Dragrace here is your opportunity to walk the runway catwalk!

This year at Tropical Fruits the theme is “Haus Of Fruits – Category is Family” and this means you and your nearest and dearest LGBTQ family can come together as one group and sashay for your life!

Your family or Haus, could be your family name, or can be representative of who you are as a collective, for example Haus of (Family name), Haus of Bears, or Haus of DJ’s, or be more literal with something like Haus of Feathers or Haus of Colour.

Now your Category fashion could be anything matching, ie; Leather, Sequin, fans or even Flannelette whatever is your passion. Haus of Bears for example could do Category is Fur or Fierce, Haus of Feathers could do Category is Fans or Boas, Haus of DJ’s could do Category is Vinyl,  Haus of Colour could do Category is Neon…the possibilities are endless and only need a brainstorming session with your family to come up with something that will represent your own flavour…You can use our music playlist or bring your own too on a USB.

Come up with a ‘Haus’ name, choose a Category and have some fun with Tropical Fruits this NYE.  Show us YOUR family.

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