Fruitopia Fairday

Fruitopia Fair day is the Tropical Fruits' annual family fun day. 

Fruitopia sees the LGBTIQ community gather their families, friends, pooches and picnic rugs for an outdoor extravaganza. 

With dog shows, kids games, great food, stalls galore, live music, raffles and a bake-off.

Fruitopia welcomes spring with gay abandon. 


Fruitopia Fair Day has been postponed.

Oh, no! ..... not again? ....... sadly, yes!

Recent changes to the NSW Road Map to Recovery mean we wouldn't be able to welcome all of our community members to the Fruitopia Fair Day this December 5th. So,Tropical Fruits announces we are moving our Fruitopia Fair Day to 2022,so we can ALL be together again when restrictions are lifted.  

Up until recently, NSW Govt was going to allow BOTH vaxxed and unvaxxed folk to attend an outdoor event after 1 December 2021. Then this date was moved to 15 December, which meant ONLY fully vaxxed would have been able to attend Fair Day on 5 December.

So, in the spirit of inclusion, we decided to wait for a suitable time in 2022 when we hope we can go ahead without restrictions.

Stay tuned!