COVID-19 Events Update 

The Federal government announced restrictions on non-essential public gatherings over certain numbers at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.These limits help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Tropical Fruits was unable due to these restriction, to hold our Easter Party, our June birthday party and we do not yet know if we will be able to hold our annual Fairday as yet.  Nor do we know if we are able to hold our Hard Labour party in October.  Other events that were regularly held at the Clubhouse were suspended, such as the Mens Lounge, Queeraoke and Timewarp.  These groups are returning to the clubhouse and we advise calling on 6622-6440 for more details.

We are planning for various scenarious for our New Years Festival depending on public health advice.  As restrictions ease we will keep you all updated.

Hopefully this situation will be over soon, and we can all reconnect on the dance floor sometime really soon.


Tropical Fruits is please to announce we have re-opened the Clubhouse to our members.  We are operating under the guideline regarding space capacities and have hand sanitisers on hand as well as face masks should you feel you need one.  So you can again drop in for a cuppa, renew your membership or take part in the groups held here as they come back.  


Due to the cancellation of our small events this year due to public health restrictions, we are now LIVESTREAMING a featured DJ each month on our Fruits Live.  See the event page below for details.  This month Fruits Live: June - we host the one and the only DJ Les Smith with a rockin retro set - be sure to tune in.

Fruits Live June Les Smith 2020

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