Fresh Fruits Youth Group

Fresh Fruits is an under 25's LGBTIQ and Questioning social support group. Come and meet new friends, express yourself and enjoy creativity, events and adventures in a safe and inclusive environment.

Meets the first Thursday of the month from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

Contact the office for more details.

Mission Statement

Fresh Fruits is an initiative of the Tropical Fruits organisation. The group aims to provide support for LGBTIQ young people through social support, education programs, mentoring and community awareness initiatives.

Fresh Fruits is open to all LGBTIQ young people aged 25 and under. Fresh Fruits is supported by the Tropical Fruits organisation with an emphasis on mentoring and organisational support.

Fresh Fruits aims to be an inclusive, non-judgemental, per support group. The group seeks to address the issues young LGBTIQ people (particularly in a rural area) such as social isolation, homophobia, community acceptance, health and well-being.

Fresh Fruits seeks to outreach to young people in the area and create awareness in the community of the groups existence and its vision.

Some Fresh Fruits activities include: creative expression, community participation, support and education, workshopping and drug/alcohol free events.


2012 Fresh Fruits Committee at Kid In Community Awards


Kids in Community Awards: Fresh Fruits was nominated for a youth group award and received a certificate of recognition. This brought more passion and joy for those who are involved in creating a fun, safe, educational and supportive environment for GLBTI and Questioning youth.

Mental Health Training: A group of young people from Fresh Fruits (Youth Group) and the Northern Rivers Youth Advisory Council took part in a Youth Mental Health First Aid Course in Lismore. Those involved learnt valuable skills and knowledge regarding mental health issues that commonly arise in the younger community