The Tropical Fruits Management Committee is made up of NINE volunteers who commit their time, hearts, minds and (where necessary) bodies to manage the affairs of the organisation.  There are four office-bearing positions (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Event Co-ordinator) and five [Extra] Ordinary Members.  Members are elected annually at our AGM.

Committee meetings are held fortnightly at the Fruit Bowl, on alternating Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.  Contact us for Committee meeting dates.

Minutes from previous meetings are available to members during office hours.

We encourage the local community to actively participate in the running of our club, so to get involved in your community organisation, come along next meeting! All are welcome to attend. Please advise of agenda items in writing in advance where at all possible.

Tropical Fruits Committee Members 2020

Office Bearers

  • Chairperson - Yvonne Dengate
  • Secretary - Mel Rogers
  • Event Coordinator - Kam McNeill
  • Treasurer - Alison Corfield

Special Members

  • Annie Monks
  • Deb Jackson
  • Greg Jakes
  • Jaimie Nash
  • Magnus Dean

The Tropical Fruits’ Public Officer is Uncle Ian Gray.

2020/2021 Subcommittees

  • Finance Subcommittee
  • Fairday Subcommittee
  • Volunteer Coordination Subcommittee
  • Land Fund/Paddock Subcommittee
  • Camping Subcommittee
  • Bush Fruits Landcare Subcommittee
  • Green Team Subcommittee
  • Decor Subcommittee
  • Fresh Fruits Subcommittee
  • Fun Safe & Inclusive Subcommittee

If you would like to join any of these subcommittees, please contact us.

Tropical Fruits Honour Roll

Many thanks must go to the outgoing committee members, who have served the community proudly!

  • Adam Hetherington
  • Amber McBride
  • Amie Stokes
  • Amozon Warrior
  • Aren Healy
  • Aura Withers
  • Brad Bower
  • Brett Paradise
  • Caleb Barker
  • Carolyn Carey
  • Cath Murray
  • Chay Abrahat
  • Dermot Ryan
  • Erif Benham
  • Greg Jakes
  • Helen Pollock
  • Ian Gray
  • Jacob Guest
  • James Nagy
  • Joe Keane
  • Kate Steel
  • Ken Beilby
  • Lil McLennan
  • Lisa Thorpy
  • Liz Grima
  • Madelyn Reilly
  • Martin Degney
  • Maryanne Brown
  • Megan Moore
  • Meaghan Vosz
  • Michael Gates (aka Maude Boate)
  • Michael Rogowski
  • Michelle Slattery
  • Naomi Feller
  • Nora Vidler-Blanksby
  • Neil Hendricks
  • Nelida Contreras
  • Penny Clifford
  • Peter Lister
  • Peter Mitchell
  • Peter Smith
  • Punita Boardman
  • Rob McElhinney
  • Robert Bland
  • Rudy Rasmussen
  • Shane Duniam
  • Shawn Paris
  • Susi St Julian
  • Tegan Francis
  • Tim Stein
  • Tracey Backshall
  • Wayne Cameron
  • Yvonne Dengate

…and many more over the years…