Tropical Fruits acknowledges the Widjabul/Wia-bal People of the Bundjalung Nation

and pays our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


Invitation & Notice of Annual General Meeting

of Tropical Fruits Inc

Saturday March 20th 2021 at 11am at the Fountain Room,

1 Bounty Street, Lismore City Hall, Lismore NSW 2480.


Dear valued member,

You are invited to attend the Tropical Fruits Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2021 on Saturday March 20th 2021 at 11am at the Fountain Room,

1 Bounty St, Lismore City Hall. The AGM will befollowed by a catered lunch and community forum which will conclude by 4pm.

The committee encourages you to make every effort to attend the AGM and have your say on thefuture of our social club. The main items for the AGM will be the election of the management committee for 2021 and a Special Resolution to amend the Constitution to designate two-year committee term.

The notice of this AGM is obtainable using the link below.


Please note only financial members can vote at the AGM. A current financial member is one who has paid their fees (due one year from when they joined or renewed their membership). Existing members can renew any time up until the commencement of the AGM. Applications by new members must be approved by the committee. The last committee meeting before the AGM will be held on Wednesday March 17th 2021. A link to the membership form is below,


or alternately you can use our online membership - link  below.

form via

Non-financial members are encouraged to attend and participate in discussions but do not have any voting rights.


Nominations for the committee. If you wish to nominate for a committee position, the Secretary must receive your nomination form (link below) by 11am Saturday March 13th 2021. 



Proxies. If you are unable to attend, please send in your proxy form (link below) which must be received by 11am Friday March 19th 2021.


As closing dates may be on weekend days, members must ensure that their forms are received in time.  Forms may be scanned and emailed or posted (allow for 7 business days for the document to arrive), given in person to our office staff or left in the Fruit Bowl mailbox.

Late forms will unfortunately not be accepted.

Please send all completed forms to Tropical Fruits - PO Box 6305, South Lismore, NSW, 2480  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any queries, please give us a call on 6622-6440 Wed-Fri between 10am and 5pm.


  Tropical Fruits Strategic Planning

Tropical Fruits in the process of strategic planning and we would love to hear from all corners of our beautiful & diverse community about your ideas for the future direction of our beloved social club.

We have just completed a community workshop on Sat Feb 20th and will be crunching that info as well as developing a Survey for Members to be released in early March 2021.

The results of the Workshop and Survey will be reported back to the Membership at our AGM March 20th and will form the foundations for creating our new Strategic Plan later later this year.

Everyone is encouraged to read the Tropical Fruits Strategic Plan Summary Report and the 2015 to 2020 Tropical Fruits Strategic Plan if you would like to contribute to the new Plan.

Volunteers 2019




Tropical Fruits Acknowledges and Supports our Trans and Gender Diverse Communities

This statement is a public acknowledgement that Tropical Fruits as a social club acknowledges the rights of trans and gender diverse people of all ages to self-expression, self-determination, medical, cultural and legal recognition, both within our rainbow communities and in broader society.

In the lead-up to the 2019-2020 Tropical Fruits New Year’s Festival a series of events occurred that lead to some conflict between members of the trans and gender diverse communities and the Tropical Fruits management committee. Tropical Fruits acknowledges that this situation was not planned well nor was an adequate or timely response offered to community feedback, which caused harm and heartache.

The Tropical Fruits committee is responsible for and reserves the right to select performers and production contractors who align themselves with the values of Tropical Fruits and will look at developing clearer policy and procedure on this.

As per Tropical Fruits’ public statement (December 2019), we remain committed to holding a Trans & Gender Diverse Community Forum in 2020 to strengthen community input into future events. However, with COVID-19 and public health restrictions, a traditional forum has not been possible to date. A steering committee of dedicated people from trans and gender diverse communities and members of the Tropical Fruits management committee has been formed and is looking into forum options. The group is meeting regularly and our first action was to consult on this public statement.

Through this initiative the hope is that we can all do better, be better and grow into a harmonious future, stronger together.

 Trans flag