Tropical Fruits acknowledges the Widjabul/Wia-bal People of the Bundjalung Nation

and pays our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


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2021 New Year’s Festival Expressions of Interest

for Artistic Director + Assistants and Event Coordinator Assistants


Tropical Fruits is looking for expressions of interest from people interested in volunteering for some exciting roles for our upcoming New Year’s Festival – Aqueerious Rising. 

Event Coordinator Second In Charge  (2IC) – 2 positions available

Fruits is looking for 2 additional 2IC persons to assist our current Event Coordinator (EC), Kam McNeil, to work alongside her for events we hold during the year and in the leadup to and during the New Year’s Festival.  You will be helping the EC to manage events, as well as pre-production (bump up), post-production (bump down) and working with our volunteer crews.  As our Event Coordinator is in her last year with us, we are hoping that we can find someone who is interested in learning about the role to support an incoming Event Coordinator or even consider nominating for the role at the AGM next March. 

Artistic Director (AD) - 1 position and Second In Charge(2IC) - 2 positions available

We are looking for a passionate Artistic Director to manage our vision for the New Year’s Festival, along with two assistants - 2IC’s to help with this task.  This would look great on your CV and is a great opportunity to work with the Fruits team.

We are currently in the age of Aquarius which is part of the inspiration for this year’s theme.  Aquarius energy is notorious for being loyal and strong-willed and having its roots firmly planted within community.

We want to go back to our own Aqueerious grass roots this year and we need someone with the vision to explore the desired themes and ideas, working to an agreed brief and budget, working closely with the Event coordinator and a team of volunteers.


Delivery of all final designs’ concepts for Main stage, Front Entrance, Cabaret, Biosphere, Bar and general site décor go to the Committee for approval by September

On Wednesday December 1st pre-production moves to the venue (the Lismore Showgrounds).

On Monday December 27th Bump-In commences.

On Thursday December 30th at 8:00 pm Pre-Production Dress Rehearsal occurs and Décor Bump-In must be completed. 

On Sunday January 2nd 2022 Bump-Out commences.

On Friday January 7th Bump-Out must be completed.


NYE 2021 Aqueerious Rising Design Brief

Style/ overall theme:

Once appointed, the AD will meet with the events team to fully discuss the design brief and brainstorm new ideas and solutions they may have.

Encapsulating Aqueerious Rising - this year our theme is inspired by the age of Aquarius we are currently in and the significance of the Aquarius Festival held in our region in the 1970’s.

We aim to evoke feelings of excitement and wonder, celebration, diversity and inclusion.  We want to sweep party-goers off their feet, evoking the sense of unconstrained possibility that characterises going back to grass roots and becoming reconnected with the earth.

The feelings, themes and ideas we hope to explore include:


Feels – words from our community


Wonder - Joy

Touch – tactile

Calm – rest – renew – regeneration

Mother earth – Gaia - grounding

Connection – community – inclusion – Rainbow Family

Intergenerational ties

Going back to basics – grass roots

LGBTIQ+ links to the original Aquarius Festival in Nimbin in the 70’s

Celebrating a whole new generation of Queer folk

Queer hippies / First Nation hippies

Individual expression

Soul dust


Earthy colours – Green & Blue spectrum, White & Purple contrasts

Some Imagery suggestions

Biosphere – dancing shimmering trees

Elements – Water (creeks, waterfalls etc), rainbows, greenery, trees, earth, rocks

Native animals & birds – echidnas, wallabies, birds, koalas etc

Burnt trees with awesome green regrowth to celebrate the regions recovery from bushfires

Lots of vines and greenery

Other Design notes:

The Aqueerious Rising New Year’s Festival will be installed at the Lismore Showgrounds. 

The event uses the site’s buildings, fittings and infrastructure as a backdrop and staging for the design, complemented by hired marquees, lighting, rigging and staging. It is necessary that the design vision incorporate the whole site, with themes and design elements unifying spaces and site areas into one splendid whole.

A departure from previous festival designs this year, will be having an open air back to grass roots feel, as the spaces we have used in the past are too small, under current Pubic Health restrictions.

Therefore, we must look at using larger décor that is already existing from previous years, to fill space and make the grounds welcoming and inviting for party goers.  We want our patrons to recognize the ties to the history of our festival. 

We also want to strengthen respect for and the connection to country in recognition that Showgrounds is Widjabul Wia-bul land.   

The areas in which the Artistic Director (AD) is usually responsible for design and installation are: Main Outdoor Stage, Party Entrance/box office, Cabaret, Bar, Chill Space, outside art space, and general site décor. Our main design piece is our center piece (Biosphere) which reflects our theme.

The other areas of the party space are managed by ‘In Charge’ (IC) volunteers, who will design and install (and de-install) the décor and infrastructure in these spaces.  The AD is not responsible for dressing the art exhibit, the inside of box office, men’s, women’s or TGD spaces, but will play a role in ensuring that all spaces follow a cohesive design brief (working in collaboration with the ‘IC’ of each of these spaces). 

Design elements can include (but are certainly not limited to) installations, hangings (e.g. drapery), inflatable’s, lighting, projections etc.  The AD should familiarize themselves with the existing décor, paintings, props and materials owned by Tropical Fruits and incorporate their adaptive re-use into the design if possible. 

Budget - TBA

Artistic Director’s overall décor budget: TBA

A detailed breakdown of the complete budget will be provided, with input welcome from the Artistic Director in relation to budgets for projections, lighting and site installations. 

Approvals process

The Artistic Director is responsible for making decisions in relation to the event’s décor, in consultation with the Event Coordinator.  The AD will be required to submit a detailed décor design plan and budget to the Tropical Fruits committee for final approval.  All major changes from this plan should be agreed by the Event Coordinator, however design and implementation decisions are the jurisdiction of the AD. 

Other requirements

  • Working in a professional, consultative and collaborative manner with Tropical Fruits and all other members of the artistic and technical production team, including the “In Charge” (IC) volunteers responsible for the design and dressing of specific spaces (such as the men’s, women’s and TGD spaces).
  • Liaise with and take direction from Tropical Fruits through the Event Co-ordinator on all aspects of the artistic design and budget.
  • Attend meetings with Tropical Fruits, subcontractors and other members of the artistic or technical production team as required within the pre-production period.
  • The Artistic Director will be allocated a budget to cover the costs of the artistic production.


How to apply

Time required for these positions would be 1 - 2 days a week Thursday or Friday, with extra hours coming up to new year’s & from Dec 27th to Jan 5th for bump up and bump down.

If you feel any of these positions would be something you have passion for, please get in touch with Fruits by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you need any clarification on any of these positions, please give us a call Wed - Fri between 9am-3pm on 02 6622 6440



(Survey Closes July 31st 2021)


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